Hello everyone,

I am brand new to programing.... NO EXPERIENCE AT ALL! I really want to learn C# and be able to write code, but can not afford to pay for classes, and want to know if there is somewhere I can go to read or watch video tutorials for C#

Thanks in advance;


Well, if you are new brand to programming, you should, firstly, study some programming basics. That is not really programming, its kinda algorithm. That shall open your mind for programming.

About C#, trust me, go here: www.google.com :D

Try searching "C# tutorial" "C# basics", something like that.
Every search result will lead you to different websites. Each one will have source codes, tutorials, articles, etc.

ATTENTION: you can code command-line and windows forms (you may realize you can do another programming things, not for you at this moment).

There are some differences between writing code for command-line (you can call DOS) and Windows forms (those are typically software with dialogs/windows - called forms)

Try searching over the Internet about C# programming command-line (in my opinion, for command-line I think C can handle it, but C it's not C#). With C# I think you should study windows forms. But, HEEY, I'm not saying you shouldn't study C# command-line, with that you will learn some usefull things (it's with you discovering what they are :P) - if you don't wan't hard studying and work, I would say "nevermind, this is not for you!"

Well, I will give you a website you may want to read: http://www.csharp-station.com

This website has a "Tutorial" section, and one sub-section of it it's called "The C# Tutorial" with several lessons. Read each one carefully. An advice: always read and go practice at same time. An advice: when you think "I have learnt enough for now" close whatever you have open with C# tutorials and try out what you have learnt on you own, by using all things/information you have gathered and use everything you know at the same program you are coding.

Try always looking for websites which have explained code, that way you look to the code and explanation, the better way to learn.

Good luck for you (you have a long work) and some doubts, come here and post on forums, community will gladly help you.

P.S. - sorry for the big post, but I think it will be usefull for you at this initial point.

Thanks for that long post, I did not mind it at all, lots of helpfull information and now I have an idea where to go.

Thanks again,