Yesterday I purchased MS Visual Studio Standard 2008, installed it on my Windows XP Pro SP2 system after removing VB 2008 Express. I opened a solution that I had created with VB 2008 Express and proceeded to layout my one and only Windows Form. The Application is a VB.Net database front end with only one windows form.

Upon editing the form layout in VS2008, most of the controls fail to display properly in the editor: DataGridView will display without a border and background; GroupBoxes display without the frame.

When I build and run the application, all forms display properly: DataGridView with a background and border, GroupBoxes with their frame.

With the form designer open in VS2008, if I was to drag another application's window over the form in the designer, it will display properly. When I enter VS to continue designing my form, the display of the form will revert back to its flawed display.

I did not have this issue in VBExpress. Any ideas?

I am at work now, so I will grab specs of my computer tonight, but for now, this is what I can remember (and it isn't much haha):

ATI Radeon 9950
AMD 3200+ processor
XP Pro SP2

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It might just be your refresh rate in the application -- I recently installed it myself, so I don't know your exact issue. But it might just be your computer going a little slow because of VS being open, and not able to keep up and update the screen fast enough. And when you hover a window over it, and move it away, it is forced to redraw it, so it redraws it correctly.

Don't take my word for it though.

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