Hi , i 'm a newbie in vs 2005, current developing a module that need user to key data at the text box and save it to table that created MySQL in vb, here is the code i had generated but it return an error of Sql Exception was unhandled : Invalid object name 'TABLE_NAME'.

Dim Conn As New SqlClient.SqlConnection
        Conn.ConnectionString = " Server= XXXX;UID=root;pwd=XXX;Database=XXXX;"

        Dim ItemInfoPad As New SqlClient.SqlCommand("Insert into NC_Costing_Info_Pad(ip_item_code,ip_Version) values ('" & Text_Item_Code.Text & " ','" & Text_Version.Text & "')", Conn)


        Conn = Nothing

If you've verified the connection string information and that you have insert permissions on the table, I would try add the owner or schema of table e.g.

INSERT INTO dbo.Table_name