Hello everyone!

I have built a digital table with a pencil (like a wacom) and I'm doing my own drivers.
He managed to move the mouse through the following simple code [Visual C + + in XP]:

// press detected
INPUT aInput;
aInput.type = INPUT_MOUSE;
aInput.mi.dwExtraInfo = 0;
aInput.mi.mouseData = 0;
aInput.mi.time = 0;
aInput.mi.dx = (data.X * 65535.0f);
aInput.mi.dy = (data.Y * 65535.0f);
int aResult = SendInput(1, &aInput, sizeof(INPUT) );

But, I do not see how you can send to the system/software (Photoshop, paint ,...) data with the pressure of the pen to draw. I suppose that will be a standar, but nothing found information about it.

Someone known as is done? That object is used?


My guess is that MS-Windows treats pen events just like mouse events -- there is no difference between the two.