I have just installed Delphi 2007 in my Vista (jumping from 6 in wonderful XP).
Everything is new and unknown. Help seems impossible to find, and I need to get a DLL showing its object in my Tool Palette so I can compile old programs.

Could someone please guide me on how to do this, or where to find instructions on how to do it?

I found out with some help from different sources (thanks):

Using D2007, first create a new empty package

(File - New - Package - Delphi for Win23) and let it open in the project manager (or just open an existing packge).

Then import the ActiveX
(Component - Import Component - Import a Type Library - Next)

(Add - select trip.dll i c:\Program\Common Files\ eller VegReg,dll i c:\Windows\System32\)


Select Palette Page: ActiveX

check the checkbox "Generate Component Wrappers"



Check "Add unit to Package1.dproj project"


Project - Compile

Right-click on Package1.bpl in Project Manager and select "Install"

When you start a new project your objects are present on the Tool Palette under ActiveX

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