hai friendz,

I am a Bioinformatics Masters degree student. I am doing my final semester project in the topic Molecular Docking on C++ in Linux platform. During the programming I felt a problem in calling/executing a progam in to my program. I have to call a program which accept a PDB file( which is from my program) as input and gives an output file containing an energy value. I used many syntaxes including,
system("./progam name");
But result is not getting & the window gets hanged for long time.
Can you please send your idea regarding any possible solution of this problem. Hope ur reply soon.


Raji Stephen

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Hi frrossk,

Thank you for this valuable information. The program which I have to execute inside my C++ program is in binary form. My ultimate problem is I have to execute this nearly hundred times for different input files from my program. This can't be done parellel because of some selection creteria. If I use system("process1"); where should I place the input file in order to identify it by that program?. Heard from somewhere that only system("process1"); line will execute at the end of the host program. Is that true?

Can it be possible to convert a program in the binary form to its original C++ format?
Hope ur kind help.

Thanking you.

Raji Stephen

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