I dont know this programe name what ever u say........

Suppose you have a html page save in c:\first.html

first.html page contain two text boxes one for username and password and one button whenever we click on button it validate the username and password which is already pass in the source code...........

Suppose you have a Form in vb.net which have two text boxes and button in vb.net when u will click on button that first.html page open in a browswer and i m using this property:-


Here my question Starts

I want to know that in vb.net there are two text boxes .......at run time we put the values in the text boxes and when we click on button that html page open and validate the username and password the from the vb.net .........


or simply u can say that how we transer vb.net value to html page.........

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2 Days go no one replies why

Funny, I have the exact opposite problem, but I found a work around. I had to transfer a value from a html page to Visual Basic, so I made a bat file and forced my browser to launch it when the form was submitted. Then the bat file carried out the value to a registry key, and my Visual Basic application retrieved it from the registry and deleted the key. I have no idea how to do it in reverse, though, but hopefully my info could trigger some idea in your mind that will work :)

I will show you how to do this using PHP. I dont know if it works using HTML files (maybe using JavaScript to catch the values?)

Dim sUrl As String = ""

        sUrl = ""
        sUrl &= "user=" & txtUser.Text & "&"
        sUrl &= "pass=" & txtPass.Text

Then, you have an URL like this:

Then, inside the PHP file (in this case test.php) you must code:

	$myUser = $HTTP_GET_VARS['user'];
	$myPassword = $HTTP_GET_VARS['pass'];	
	echo ('User:     ' . $myUser . '<br>');
	echo ('Password: ' . $myPassword . '<br>');

I dont know how far do you want to go. But using this, you can take the values passed from the VB application inside the PHP file (I guess you can do this in a HTML file too).

Hope it helps.

Is your problem solved?

sorry for late reply bcz of my practicals........

but i m not understand anything how php connected with vb.net and i have no knowledge of php.....could you help how i m connect vb.net and php ..........thanks

No one knows the anser or you have no time for writing here........plzz do it fast plzz

No one interested in giving solution......

Just use it


Hope it helps.

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2 Days go no one Replying to My Problem You are understand my problem or not........

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