Hi all I have to make a form in my project which includes text NOW LOADING following 4 to 5 dots like ......, Now my motive is that on loading that form the dots should look like moving as is mormally seen in all softwares and games. i have used timers but all in vain.
Any Idea please..

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u can use background worker thread or a progress bar to find ur requirements

Re: How to Create Now Loading form as in games 80 80

there is many ways to make a progress form

I will explain one of these ways, maybe it suitable to you
In first you should make sequence actions or steps , and then calculate the total steps you will do, and when you finish an step add a step in the progress bar

Sample code:
 // in first you should make new thread to make the sequence actions to make the updates appear in the progress bar.
// Call the this method to start loading data 
private void StartLoadingData()
    Thread thrLoadData = new Thread(new ThreadStart(LoadData));
// put your actions to load data in the next methods
private void LoadData()
             // number of actions you will do
             int noActions = 5;
            // Initilaize the progressBar1
            progressBar1.Minimum = 0;
            progressBar1.Maximum = noActions;
            progressBar1.Step = 1;

            // DO action 1             -- ex: load intro Movie
            // Write code of Action 1 ...
            // DO action 2            -- ex: draw main menu items and user profiles 
            // Write code of Action 2 ...
            // DO action 3           -- ex: intilaize default / user settings
            // Write code of Action 3 ...
            // DO action 4          -- ex: check for online updates
            // Write code of Action 4 ...
            // DO action 5         -- ex: check for valid license
            // Write code of Action 5 ...
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