can any1 help me use a progress bar(if im not mistaken)

i wanna put a loading bar in my login form

but i dont know the syntax i must put

thx in advance to any1 who can help

Go to Components - Controls and add "Microsoft Windows Common Controls" to your project. Then the progressbar should appear in your list of components. Then select the progressbar and create it on your form. The value can be set something like mainform.progressbar1.value = 50.... (0-100)

add a timer and a progress bar to your form.
set the progressbar1.max(or maximum i think) to 100,value to 0.
set the timer1.enabled=false

type this inside the timer event:

If ProgressBar1.Value <> ProgressBar1.Max Then
ProgressBar1.Value = (ProgressBar1.Value + 1)
frmlogin.hide(or Unload frmlogin)
End If

then type this after the user successfully logged:

*change the progressbar1.interval if how fast or slow you progress bar should be.

I have this in my code

Private Sub mnuOpen_Click()
Dim result As FMOD_RESULT
Dim cD As New cCommonDialog
If channel Then
Call FMOD_Channel_Stop(channel)
End If
Timer1.Enabled = 1
On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
   If (cD.VBGetOpenFileName(sFile, Filter:="Wave Files (*.WAV)|*.WAV|All Files (*.*)|*.*", _
      DefaultExt:="WAV", Owner:=Me.Hwnd)) Then
    Timer1.Enabled = 1
    result = FMOD_System_CreateSound(system, sFile, FMOD_SOFTWARE, Sound)
    ERRCHECK (result)
    result = FMOD_System_PlaySound(system, FMOD_CHANNEL_FREE, Sound, 0, channel)
        ERRCHECK (result)
        result = FMOD_Channel_SetPaused(channel, 1)
        vbalWaveRender1.WaveFile = sFile
   End If
   Exit Sub
   MsgBox "Error: " & Err.description, vbExclamation
   Exit Sub
End Sub

Seem to make the progress after the files load, and that really ain't the progress. Anyway to adjust it to be more accurate, should I move the file loading events to the timer to be executed during the progress bar?