hello..everyone i m new to this website .i need your advice for project topic..
as i m begineer in java.. plz suggest some gud topics..
waiting for your reply...
plz help me....

This forum is full of similar questions so why don't you use the search option?

Laziness is the worst illness student can caught...

Also, do not send PMs to plead for project topics.

Here's a good project for you to work on, a spell checker.

thank god .. sm ppl r gud n understanding here

I think these guys are bots (thread starters)

They send useless PMs, and post useless threads, over and over again. And then there were some that posted the same question, using three different accounts, in three different threads.
The invasion of the bots.

i just want to know the personal email id Phalax. i liked the way he solved issues. :)
currenlt i am facing soem issues in weblogic 10.3 and JTA transcations.


1. You do know that this thread is a 2+ year dead zombie, right? Why did you resurrect it?

2. You do realise that the respone Phalax made was a sarcastic insult on the OPs typing skills, and not a serious suggestion, right?

Closing this thread now.

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