Firstly, thanks for letting me join. Hopefully you guys can help me and vice versa.

I've just started a project creating a virtual map. This map will allow uses to walk around a town using digital photographs.

I was just looking for some advice as I cant decide whether to use a tree data structure or maybe a graph data structure to be able to traverse the photos. Users will need to be able to turn left right or turn 180 degrees. No one traversal will be the same. The photos will be stored in a database so they will need to be linked.

I'm not looking for any coding help, just some advice from someone who maybe has already done something like this.

Thanks in advance,

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a tree is something I wouldn't have considered, but it sounds like a very good way of doing it. Each map would be a node containing 2 child nodes(left and right). The 180degree turn, or backwards, would just be the node's parent. It sounds like a logical and easy way to set up the map. I don't know how your map data is stored, so I can't really offer any insight on how to actually load that stuff into the tree.