I did Hello world about a month ago, (my first language was BASIC), and now im onto things like Templates and I got all of my classes pointers and filing stuff down fine...Im trying to get OpenGL and SDL going (I'm already doing pretty good with the Allegro library). Idk if thats good or bad for a months work, Im using C++ for dummies and online tuts right now... I'm 17 btw and just learning out of my bedroom comp, just sit around till 8am learning video game programming and straight up programming (I do other stuff too of course)...
How am I looking in terms of learning speed....
I also really wanna know what it was like for your guys' learning speed and when you learned a new library and at what age!

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for learning the C++ I use the interactive learning . I use the youtube for learning the object oriented programming and STL . hmm , But I really dont know how much they are leagal , anyway the youtube is now owned by google so no matter mentioning that name.

in my oppinion you're learning fast enough :P
Continue that way and you'll be a guru in no-time :P
and ehm, why openGL instead of DirectX?

thx guys would love to hear more about what your programming life has been like though, what libraries and stuff you used, but feedback is good too!!! :P

why openGL instead of DirectX?
the openGL is independent but DirectX is not like that . Some ppl are like learn independent APIs rather than the APIs that specific to a one OS.

Why DirectX instead of OpenGL? Personally I use DirectX, but even if you don't mind DirectX being closed-source and platform-specific, you may still choose to use OpenGL.

Well, about what libraries i used :P
Well, i used raknet network lib a while go (though stopped with it, cos wanted to learn winapi first :P)
further also a little bit irrlicht, and ogre, that's all :P

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