Hi, I know nothing about compiling a program, but I desperately need a program that is written in python. I installed python and tried to compile it, but got errors. If someone would be kind enough to compile it for me and sent it to my email address, I would be ever so grateful.
Program (itrade): http://sourceforge.net/projects/itrade/
Email: chinelane2@yahoo.ca
Thank you all.

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If you want to compile a program than you might want to use py2exe. Its a pretty good compiler that you can use so here is the link and give it a try.


Keep in mind that there might be better compilers out there so you might want to search google for a python compiler.

Python is very much like Java, it compiles your source code into bytecode (Python Virtual Machine code) that the Python interpreter then converts to the actual CPU specific code.

Programs like Py2Exe are really packagers that take your bytecode, any needed modules, the Python interpreter (Pythonxx.dll) and package it all into a .exe file, that for all pratical matters behaves like an executable file.

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