I work with embedded systems and I need to use Visual basic to acquire some data through the serial port, store it etc. As I am just getting acquainted with VB6 I need some help.

My Controller board (8 bit micro) sends out serial data 3 bytes at a time ( a packet). The data are typically binary bytes and can have values from 0 to 255. To signal the start of a set of bytes the CTS line is given a high. The data set is sent at intervals of 35 milliseconds. I need to receive the data and store them into 3 different arrays so that at the end of a given period of time we have the three arrays with Byte1, Byte2 and Byte3.

I have done some study of the MSCOMM control but I am confused about what data types to use, how to buffer the data into appropriate arrays etc. I cannot do this in polled mode also.

Looking forward to help in this regard