Hi guys,
I am doing multithreading in my C++ program.
Now i seriously STUCK in my program.:confused:


My program have 2 different base class,
and each of the base class have a sub class,

subclass1 inherited from baseclass1,
subclass2 inherited from baseclass2,

HOW to make subclass1 and subclass2 connected?
The problem i cant think of is because both of this 2 subclass are inherited from different base class.

Is there any solution u guys know on solving this?



you could have subclass3 be derived from both subclass1 and subclass2

class subclass3 : public subclass1, subclass2
   // blabla

Thanks for your reply,

The both derived class i created is inherited from 2 huge base class.

After i tried your idea,
i getting this error msg:
error C2504: 'PTZDlg' : base class undefined

How to make my 2 own derived class act as a Base Class?
Is that possible to do it?

I also Included both inherited headers file(subclass 1&2) on the subclass3

Thanks for you help!


Argh, its a very silly mistakes i had done!
found out the error caused is because of "PTZDlg" is typo error, no wonder its undefined base class.
should be "CPTZDlg".

Thanks for your help.
hope this method could solved my problem asap.