Any idea how to check if a text file is still being opened by another program??

I wanted to write to the file after the other program had finished its task and closed the text file. As i know two programs cant open the same file at the same time.

There really is no way to tell if the file is still opened other than attempt to open it in your program. If open fails, wait a little bit then try again. stay in that loop until open succeeds or some timeout value expires.

Two programs can open the same file at the same time - at least in M$ world at the command line interface.

In the Windows world, you might need to use something like this in order to enforce access restrictions to an open file.

Thanks both AD and vmanes for your informative reply.

First, sorry for my bad english. I'm from Ecuador and I speak spanish.
Now, open notepad or notepad++ and write the configuration that you need, then save as NSC.ini in the desktop of your PC, then copy and replace the file in C:/File Programs/NSCliente ++ directory
and is solved...

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