hey whatzzzup guys??? i just want to know if this c++ programming language is hard co'z my clasmates are keep on complaining abort that hehe

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"hard" is a relative term -- if you're a snot nosed brat who'se mommy always did things for you, then yes c++ might be hard to learn. Learning something takes more time for some people than for others, but stick to it an it will sink into your brain.

It is considered one of the "harder" languages, but as AncientDragon said, hard is a relative term. C++ was really the first language I learned, and I didn't have any real experience with other languages. So if you want to learn it, don't hold back because it's "hard".

quite hard actually, ... :-) much harder than languages like Python ... according to my latest experience.

There is nothing more or less hard about C++ than any other programming language.

People fear C++ because it comes with a very large set of capabilities.

It can be used to program procedurally.
It can be used to program object-orientedly.
It can be used to program generically.
It can be used to program functionally.
It can be used for very low-level machine programming.
It can be used for very high-level abstract programming.
It can do all of the above at once.

It comes with a very large standard template library --which takes some time to get used to.
And it mixes very well with C, which is often a source of confusion for new programmers.

The core language is not large. But the vast capabilities of the language and the size of the STL can sometimes make it seem like a hulking beast.

You can read Bjarne Stroustrup's FAQs about the language at his site
You might want to give particular attention to the second section, but the entire document gives a lot of useful information.

Hope this helps.

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How harder or easier depends on many things, some are
1. Learner Background
2. Learner patience in learning (You have to be a bulldog :))
3. Learner's willingness to practice
4. Learning and asking right questions in right places
5. Motive for learning

Not so difficult but it is somehow hard to learn it ;)

It was the first language I started programming in and it was pretty hard, but I had no other experience, and with it I know it would've been easier. I think what you really need to get good in c++ is perseverence, and not giving up. :)

I think C++ can be hard at first.. a good way to ease into, if you already have some experience with C or other simple procedural languages, is to just keep programming in C but compile in C++ and slowly change you habits from printf to std::cout, from malloc to new, from struct to class, from function to methods, from pointers to references, from init functions to RAII... and before you know it you will be digging into object-oriented programming concepts and it will take-off from there.

Personally, I would say that C++ might be hard to learn, but once learned it's hard to stay away from it, every other language just seems pale in comparison. There is a huge amount of details to know about the language but it's very progressive in the sense that you can quite quickly learn the few things you need to be functional and be able to do anything you want to or need to do, but it might take many years before you become a programming beast without comparison to any programmer from another language.

Not at all. I just learnt C++ in 15 days. you workout some samples side by side accordingly. It will be much easy for you to learn soon. Use ECLIPSE to workout samples.
Follow this link. There are lot of references available in net also. Utilize that accordingly.
All the best..

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