I am working on the code that reads an enum. It seems to point to an address instead
Here is the code

thanks for any help

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
using namespace std;

enum Gender {Male=0, Female, None};

class Contributor
friend ostream &operator <<(ostream & Out,Contributor &InContrib);
friend istream &operator >>(istream & In, Contributor &InContrib);

	Contributor(string InContrib, double Contribution, Gender Sex, int IDKey);
	Contributor(Contributor &CCContrib);
	~Contributor(){cout<<"Test #1b - This is the Contributor destructor. "<<endl;}

/////Overloaded Operators
	Contributor &operator=(const Contributor & RtSide);
	bool operator <(const Contributor & RtSide);
	bool operator >(const Contributor & RtSide);
 	bool operator ==(const Contributor & RtSide);
	bool operator !=(const Contributor & RtSide);
	string InContrib;
	double Contribution;
	Gender Sex;
	int IDKey;

//contributor. cpp

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <iomanip>
#include "Contributor.h"
using namespace std;

///c-tor implementation 
{	Contribution = 0.0f; 
	Sex = None;
	IDKey = 0; 
	cout<<endl<<"Test #1a - This is the default constructor"<<endl;
//copy C-tor

Contributor::Contributor(string InContrib, double Contribution, Gender Sex, int IDKey)
	/*cout<<"The Contributor is "<<InContrib<<endl; 
	cout<<InContrib <<"'s Contribution is "<<Contribution<<endl; 
	cout<<InContrib <<"'s Gender is "<<Sex<<endl;
Contributor::Contributor(Contributor &CCContrib)
	//cout<<endl<<"Test #3 - This is the Copy c-tor"<<endl;
	InContrib = CCContrib.InContrib;
	Contribution= CCContrib.Contribution;
	Sex = CCContrib.Sex;
	IDKey = CCContrib.IDKey;
ostream &operator <<(ostream & Out,Contributor &InContrib)
		//Out<<endl<<"Name of the Contributor? " <<endl;
		Out<<"Name: " <<InContrib.InContrib <<endl;
		Out<<"Contribution: "<<InContrib.Contribution<<endl; 
		Out<<"ID Number: " <<InContrib.IDKey<<endl;
		Out<<"Gender: ";  
			switch (InContrib.Sex)
				case Male: cout<< "Male"; break;
				case Female: cout<< "Female"; break;
				//case default: cout<< "None"; break;
				/*case 1: Out<<" Male ";break; 
				case 2: Out<<" Female "; break;*/
				default: Out<<"None ";break;
		return Out; 
istream &operator >> (istream &In,Contributor &InContrib)

		Gender Sex;
		int IDKey;
		double Contribution;
		int SelSex = 0;//selection of gender
		In.ignore(In.rdbuf()->in_avail(), '\n'); 
		cout<<"\tEnter Contirbutors Name: ";

		cout<<"\tEnter the amount of "<<InContrib.InContrib<<"'s contribution ";
		cout<<"\tNow Enter an ID# for "<<InContrib.InContrib<<" ";
		cout<<"\twhat is "<<InContrib.InContrib<<"'s Gender? "<<endl;
		cout<<"\t1. Male. \n\t2. Female \n\t3. None\n\n";
		In >> SelSex;
				case 1: InContrib.Sex = Male; break;
				case 2: InContrib.Sex = Female; break;
				case 3: InContrib.Sex = None; break;
		return In;
Contributor &Contributor::operator = (const Contributor & RtSide)
	if(this != &RtSide)
		InContrib = RtSide.InContrib;
		Contribution = RtSide.Contribution;
		Sex = RtSide.Sex;
		IDKey = RtSide.IDKey;
	return *this;
bool Contributor::operator <(const Contributor & RtSide)
		return (InContrib <RtSide.InContrib); 

bool Contributor::operator >(const Contributor & RtSide)
		return (InContrib <RtSide.InContrib);

bool Contributor::operator ==(const Contributor & RtSide)
		return ((InContrib == RtSide.InContrib)&&(Contribution==RtSide.Contribution)&&(Sex== RtSide.Sex));
bool Contributor::operator !=(const Contributor & RtSide)
		return((InContrib != RtSide.InContrib)||(Contribution!=RtSide.Contribution)||(Sex != RtSide.Sex));
//main driver

#include <iostream> 
#include <string> 
#include "Contributor.h"

using namespace std;	
//                    BEGINNING OF MAIN PROGRAM CODE

int main()
//Test 1 and 5
	Contributor myObj1;
//Test 2
	Contributor myObj2("phillip",159.75,None,23);
//Test 3
	Contributor myObj3(myObj2);// this uses the copy c-tor to make myObj3 same as myObj2 
	Contributor myObj4("Hank ",4159.56,None,43);
	cout<<endl<<"MyObj5.... ";
	Contributor myObj5("Peggy",1549.34,Female,24);
	Contributor myObj6("Company one",1459.12,None,22);
//Test 4
	cout<< "Test #4 -  The Assignment of myObj1=myObj3" <<endl; 
	myObj1= myObj3; //now all myObjs are myObj2
//Test 6
	cout<<"Test #6 - The >> operator " <<endl<<endl;
	cin >> myObj1;
//Test 7 
	cout<<"Test #7 - The < operator " <<endl<<endl;
	cout<<"\tmyOjb5 < myObj6 = "<<boolalpha<<(myObj5<myObj6)<<endl<<endl;
//Test 8 
	cout<<"Test #8 - The > operator "<<endl<<endl;
	cout<<"\tmyObj4 > myObj6 = "<<boolalpha<<(myObj4>myObj6)<<endl<<endl; 
//Test 9 
	cout<<"Test #9 - The == Operator\n\n";
	cout<<"\tmyObj1==myObj3 = "<<boolalpha<<(myObj1 == myObj3)<<endl<<endl;
	cout<<"\tmyObj1==myObj6 = "<<boolalpha<<(myObj3 == myObj6)<<endl<<endl;

//Test 10 
	cout<<"Test #10 - The != Operator\n\n";
	cout<<"\tmyObj5==myObj3 = "<<boolalpha<<(myObj5 != myObj3)<<endl<<endl;
	cout<<"\tmyObj1==myObj3 = "<<boolalpha<<(myObj1 != myObj3)<<endl<<endl;

cout <<myObj1;

return 0;

What's wrong so far is you not reading the half dozen instances which tell you about code-tags.

Just another typical 1-poster who just wades in without a care in the world and just posts as fast as they can. Doesn't give a crap about how the result looks, just so long as it's on the board....

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what do you mean by that. I am just trying to get a hint as to why I cant get my enum to work.

A. Use the tags for code inclusion

[code] some code here


B. Format your code for better readability - indenting, whitespace between operators and operands. You're not charged by the byte.

C. Give a clear explanation of what seems to be going wrong, and where!

D. Your title refers to the enum - but that seems to work ok for me. However, you do have a problem using some uninitialized variables, both of which I don't think you need - look at the code below from your input method:

cout << "\tEnter the amount of "<< InContrib.InContrib << "'s contribution ";
In >> InContrib.Contribution;
cout << Contribution << endl;

cout << "\tNow Enter an ID# for " << InContrib.InContrib<<" ";
In >> InContrib.IDKey;
cout << IDKey << endl;

Don't you really mean to display the .Contribution and .IDKey members of InContrib?

thanks VManes . That works.
this is my first post and I was not sure how to post my code. thanks again

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