I am confused as to why I am getting this on GCC. I have all the flies in the same directory, I have have closed the compiler and reopened it and I am still get this error. I am getting oters too but I am sure that can be fixed if I can get rid of this include issue

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what errors? Post a couple of them.

what errors? Post a couple of them.

hey Dragon . I figured out what I did wrong as soon as I pushed the submit butt. Stupid mistake and I have to walk away from it to see what I did. but thanks for your help. I am sure that I will be posting more now that I am gettting back into c++.

If you have posted it that time, it would have helped me today. You are not the only one who is making stupid mistakes on this earth... :)). So, dont be shy.. and plz give complete information.

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