I have a list box containing a list of field names. The user would select/hi-light a number of these so they can find out quantities.

The file the fields are from is in csv format

ie: List box contains-
Media Code
Ref Number

If the user selects 'Title' and 'Media Code' then click a command button. The app will run through the data counting how many of each variation it finds. A report will then be created.

Results for Title:
Mr - 3654
Mrs - 3554
Miss - 564
Ms - 884
Dr - 3

Results for Media Code:
A123 - 4533
B545 - 6003
Blank - 27

I was thinking on the lines of using an array to store the information but not sure. The user could select anything from 1 field upto and above 30. (Some files have over 100 fields to choose from.)

I do not want to import the data into a database. the records within the file range from a few hundred to 6-7 million.

Thanks for any help/ideas given.

I have started to have a go at this using a 3d array.
i.e. varStats(fieldname,code,quantity)

fieldname - selected from list box
code - found within the field
quantity - how many of the code fornd within the data file

If anybody has any ideas on another way of doing this please post.


it sounds to me like you have it figured out. Sometimes it's a bit more complex than we would like it to be.... or that we originally thought. Sorry I couldn't have given you more assitance on this matter.... but I'm a little confuzzled with it myself.