I am in the process of writing a brainfsck interpreter. It's just a skeleton and I still have to add Ascii, multi-character, and loops but, I was wondering was their any way I could create a compiler with python? I heard I could use lex and yacc but I am still not sure how to use them or to actually compile the bf code. Any links, modules, comments, and help would be greatly apreciated.

If you want to use lex and yacc tools, I think you could start with PLY http://www.dabeaz.com/ply/, which is a pure python implementation of lex an yacc tools by David Beazley (the author of swig). I tried it, it works quite well. The difference with a C implementation is just execution speed, but as usual, after you've written your compiler, you can port the lex and yacc part to a C version if you like.

I suspect other compilers for brainfsck exist in python :)