I'm having a problem with a GUI i'm building. I have a separate class called Calculations.class which does nothing except hold certain variables and do calculations with them. One of my classes requires a user to enter numerical data, and when a button is pressed, these variables are set in calculations.class, which is fine. However, when I try to access these variables in Calculations.class from another class, it seems like all the variables are set back to zero, and do not have the values set by the user originally. Any help would be fantastic!!

It sounds like a scope issue where the Calculations object whose values you're setting is being destroyed and then recreated. When you access the values, they're fresh from the constructor.

Hummm, you want an answer without posting any code? Like fixing your car when you left it at home....... :)

Your Problem is Scope of variables. Please use static variable which are class variables and retain there values. If U want to use instance variables then U should be careful about the Object which get created when user clicks the button. U can not refer the same object in different file. At that time it creates new instance of that class and hence valued U get will be default. If U want to use in different Independent class then U have to pass these variables to new class thorogh constructor.