Developing, building, and testing. How do it the best? Learning from the world leader - Microsoft

I'm very interested in how the developing/build/testing workflow @ Microsoft looks like. I think Microsoft as world leader in software developing business must have a very good workflow. Does anyone know how the development flow @ Microsoft looks like?

I'm also interested in the workflow in your company perhaps the workflow in your company better then @ Microsoft? What do you think about test driven development?



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Depends on what you consider better. Iteration (SDLC) or UML type of development. Microsoft maybe a world leader, but they are profit driven. Yeah, I know who isn't, but there are more ways to development that RAD (Rapid Application Development). UML (Universal Model Language) is a prefered means of accomplishing a tested and true product. IMHO.

I would search UML and SDLC (System Development LifeCycle) on Google to learn about development approaches.


There's no simple answer to that question. You will find examples of CMM level 3-5 companies that are large and cover the whole spectrum.


Erm UML, univeral modeling language, erm, yes? Wtf, that is like ALL of them. you have prototyping, spiral, reverse spiral etc etc etc, i do however suspect that microsoft, wouldn't use RAD as they do acctually do multipul alphas betas etc, i personally think they use prototyping.....

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