Ok, first of all this is the first time I've used the forums on this site cos only recently joined.
I've been studying computing at college for about 5 years and graduated from Sunderland Uni in 2006. Throughout the time I was at college the programming languages we were studying were Visual Basic 6, C++, ASP etc. It seems ever since I graduated everythings linked in with the .Net Framework!
Can anyone tell me if there is a lot of difference between VB6 and VB.Net? Feel like I've spent years studying these languages and now its all changed !

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heyy, there is no much difference between both except somethings that are changed for better.If you know vb6, u can easily start working with vb.net referring books that guide you to work with .net framework.

happy Programming:)


As Narania said if u know VB6, shiftting to vb.net will not be that hard. You can even upgrade your applications created in VB6 to .net simply. Many of the commands are still the same but some were replaced with simplar ones. You will like the new controls, and I think that the most important think to start with is how to use the ADO.net instead of ADO.

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