My knowledge of java is zero - I program in VB, however I have just got hold of a bluetooth mobile phone, and since it runs java apps it got me to thinking...

In a nutshell I want to use the phone as a remote control for windows media player and XMMS (Linux).

My idea was that the computer would send the phone something like a media libary dump, or the equiv, and you could the select the song, or album to be played. Also one could also have basic functionallity with things like Vol +/- and play/pause etc.

Does anybody know a good starting point and/or if has been done already.

The phone is an S700i (Sony)

Thanks for any help


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Me and my friend are uni students and have the same idea as u said but on a wider bases. We started by looking up on the web for bluetooth jave codes/classes and he found some, but we are having exames now we stoped for until the summer vacation comes. i don't relly think the mobile device relly has to do a thing with it, u just need to think how u will make a program which will use bloototh in conection, maybe the same idea as infrared :confused:
but if u come up with any thing new pls tell me :o

hey guys,

You can already use the S700i (and the other SE phones I'd imagine) as remote controls. They run script type files call HIDs. There's a prog floating around the net called HID Configuration Editor, which altho looks quickly made, its rather good and does the job very well. Google for it, if you can't find it, drop me a line and I'll mail it (about 100kb).

I thought I'd mention if you didn't know already.

I'm after bluetooth program source so I can meddle, so if anyone reading this knows of any, or at least knows how to build a prog for phones, let me know.



Hi everyone,

First you would need a special sdk api called java micro and yu can get it at this link

Here are example codes and tutorials

This is a good article

This is a tutorial to Build database-powered mobile applications

This is a good java bluetooth tutorial

This is a two part sun blue tooth tutorial

This is Part 1

This is Part 2

This is a good book of blue tooth (source code ready available for download)

And this is the Java bluttooth api

I hope this helps you

ps: please see my thread at the end of signature and vote

Yours Sincerely

Richard West

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