Hello i am Sarathy, I am pursuing my final year MCA, my projects are just 2 months head. I have joined in ASP.Net class before 2 months, the course comprises of C#, GUI, XML, ADO.Net, ASP.Net in the order which i specified. Just now they have completed the first module(C#). I wish to do my final year projects in .Net since i have joined in class. But it is sure that they will not even start the ASP.Net even after 3 months. I did my mini project in Java.

I did not know abc of .Net other than C# programming language but i can cope with Java as well.

I am in great confusion whether to choose Java for doing project or .Net

Kindly help me out.

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Go with whatever you know best, unless you're told specifically which language to use.


You could get a ton of different answers to your question and all of them could be right depending on the situation. My first thought is that you have presented a valid question that you need to discuss with the professor/s (providing you have one and it's not self taught). On one hand you seem to be saying you're more comfortable with Java on the other hand you're talking a lot of .Net - the two won't mix well. (Does Microsoft have a class to certify you in Java?)

If you need to use C# or if you're really trying to understand it better I suggest breaking it down into small bits, using Java when you're stuck and then finding the equivalent in C# to that code. (They are very close you will find- please don't kill me C# fans :P )

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