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First time poster, so please go easy on me!

I am taking a VB.net class at Cleveland State and I have run into some trouble. I am working on a project that requires the user to input test scores via a text box and button into a list box, minimum possible score on a test (via input box, most likley, if I ever get to that part!), maximum possible score on a test, allow the user to modify or delete these scores at a later date, and then perform calculations returning the mean, variance, standard deviation, high score, low score, and score range.

I can get the calculations just fine, display the information after it is calculated..these parts are very simple to me, however I am running into one major snag before I can even go into calculations and the like...I can't for the life of me figure out how to, first, edit a number that has already been entered into a list box. I can take the number out of the box and place it back into a text box, but I can't get the code (simple as it may be) to replace that number. Second, I can't figure out how to use the contents of the list box in calculations. How do I go about gathering up all the information entered into the list box (test score, test minimum grade, test maximum grade) and put them into useable forms so that I can get my mean and class score.

My interface layout is like this:

I have a text box to enter your score followed by three buttons: Add Score, Edit Score, Delete Score. Under that is a list box where the scores are to be stored. I plan on displaying the calculations each in a seperate text box preceded by its appropriate title in a label, which would be displayed after clicking another button, Calculate.

I can provide what code I have done to anyone who may be willing to give me some tips. I am not asking for you to do this program for me, just looking for a couple lines of code that I can't seem to figure out!!

Thanks in advance for your help!


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show what code u have alrdy

i know that if you have say a textbox and a listbox and 1 button
then they type summit in textbox1 and it displays in listbox1 when they press down on button1.

go to button1 code :


Seriously Lahlahliam? He posted this in 2004.....

Seriously Lahlahliam? He posted this in 2004.....

Yeh problem? my name if u wanna know is Liam and i am from the UK. birmingham plz tell me if there is somthing wrong cus there seems to be with the under inflection on the "?". wierd fucking yamkee. TOSER!!!!!!!!

Yeah Seriously..... This thread is like 5 years old, and you responded to it. If you bother to have a look at the forum, you'd see that responding to threads more than 3 months old is seriously frowned upon... ass.

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