Hey everyone,

I'm trying to write code that will be sent out of the COM port to a PIC microcontroller. However, I don't have the controller available yet. Is there an emulation software that will allow me to virtualize a COM port and capture the data that's being sent to it? Maybe that will help me to make sure I have the code functioning properly.

I've tried one program but I must have been doing something wrong, because when I try to transfer data to it, it says Access Denied in the debugger. However, when I try to send data to the actual COM port on my computer without the emulator running, everything looks to be running fine. But I can't be positive about that until I can actually capture the data leaving my COM port.

Thanks for any help!


If anyone else has an emulator solution, please post as well. The loopback will work for my home PC, but I often code from school machines and would like to have a software solution available.


I've used com0com - a serial port/null-modem emulator. See http://sourceforge.net/projects/com0com/
or just google com0com.

Each null modem emulation creates 2 virtual serial ports - i.e. each end of a serial cable; you'll need a program on the other port to loopback/modify data as required. You may need admin access to install it.

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