How would I modify this do while loop to generate the values 4 to 1 instead of 1 to 4

I can't figure it out?!?!?


Dim colVar As Integer
    Dim noOfCols As Integer
    Dim colChars As String
    Dim cellAdd As String


    'This piece of code holds good 
    'for Columns upto 26 only
    'Because beyond that the col names will
    'be AA, AB, AC,...
    'Then u may have to create and array
    'using a loop to store the column names

    noOfCols = 10

    For colVar = 1 To noOfCols
        cellAdd = Mid(colChars, colVar, 1) & 1
        Range(cellAdd).Value = noOfCols - colVar + 1
    Next colVar

Hope this solves ur problem.

Dear herephishy,
plz dont break the thread. continue ur queries in the previous thread itself. so that u can get all ur related solutions in one single thread. this is just a piece of advice. hope i didn't say anything wrong

Shaik Akthar