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I greet you all,
I have a question on Database. First of all I'm completely new In Database realm and know a little . Just definition and little about it. Can anyone tell me how to do database programming (Specifically MySQL) in both server and embeded sever mode, interfacing with wxPython GUI toolkit?

Zetcode have got some tutorial on SQlite, but I need some more best tutrial (Especially but not limited to) MySQL Database. Also simple code to deal with simple database

Any help beyond my explanations is appreciated! Good Day


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Thanks I'm going to check and soon will be back! Feel free to add anything else

Yes, The tutorial is Good but at the end only one "Complex" example! Can anyone provide simple example with wx python as Gui to do very simple manipulation? May be one table with three rows and columns, then manipulate those rows and columns as example. I think that will be good example for database Newbies


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