Im currently designing a media player for my 4th year project in college using C# and Visual Studio 2003. However I wish to design my own unique good quality interface and I am unsure of what way to go about it. Does anyone know if there is any tools out there I can use to design my own interface and be able to code it in Visual Studio with C#,

So i take it you want to make custom controls/ In other words you want it to be better looking then the built in designer that comes with VS 2003? If so you will most likley end up coding it all by hand. Here are some links to custom controls.




More Info:


Good luck :)


another cool interface trick, i dunno if those cover them but create a transparancy key and set the frame to no borders.
then create an image with the color of the transparancy key around the edges and set it as the forms background

that will let you change the shape of the form to however you like

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