Probably a bit of an advanced question...

How hard is it to allow for multi threading support with C#? For example, we have a motherboard that has the capability for two processors with four cores each (dual xeon quad cores). We want to dedicate one processor (or core) to calculating a task, such as vision, and the other cores to do other tasks. Is this something that is coded in C#? If so, is it different for Windows and Linux?

Many thanks to anyone who can provide information on this, or even point me in the direction to where I can find information

MSDN has information on having multiple threads in C#. It's fairly straightforward.

Threading is incredibly simple, as sarehu says, msdn and your helpfile have some good examples

excellent! thanks a ton!

another quick question that I can't find the answer to.

Is multithreading different for Linux? i.e., if I write my program on a windows machine, will it run in Linux?

.net by default does not run on linux, mono will allow many aspects of .net to run on linux, however, you a) need the mono framework, b) need to have a number of adjustments to allow for the differences in general between unix and windows, and c) threading is different, however, Im not sure mono allows you to tell the difference..

ha. Ok :(

Ideally we would like to compile and run the code on a Linux box, but since we're going to be doing multithreading, I think we may just stick with XP or the like.

Am I right in thinking that we would get a greater performance boost by utilizing multithreading on windows rather than single threading on a *nix box?

I'm not sure what's wrong with running mono, any deficiencies will be in the mono documentation.

Um, linux is way superior in multi tasking than windows, you really need to read up more

Um, linux is way superior in multi tasking than windows, you really need to read up more

Who are you replying to? Since when did we start talking about multitasking?

Duki asked..

I think there's some confusion between "Multi-threading" and "Multi-Tasking" here...