hello,,can you help me with my problem??if it's okey for you,,,

right now,,we are required to make a calculator using only string..ex:

i can only use the imports: JOptionPane/BufferedReader

Mathematical String: 2 + (3*2)

Result: 8

how can i implement the codes??our told us that we should make an algo of it,,but i don't know how,,help guyzz...do you know any other sites that could really help me about this problem??i also want to learn...thank you again...

Google java rpn,

or shunting yard algorithm

thank you very much,,,this is a great help...

As you say in one of you other posts, if you are new and don't know how to make code,
start by writing simpler codes

a lot of people ask this, there is a thread on it already, under a different name i need to make it a snippet, HERE IS A LINK:LINK

thank you thank you very much,,,this is a GREAT gREAT help for me,,,,hehehe,,thank you,,mwuah!!

actually i am starting to make codes,,,i know some of them,,,but making a string calculator is our requirement for midterm,,,,

..by the way,,i just want to say sorry if i posted anywhere,,,but thank you all guyz,,,you're a great help!!

hello, i have run your codes,,i has no error when it was compiled,,but when i run it,,it said that it has no "main"...i am confused either...

Because you are supposed to implement main method and just feed user fetched data into provided parser

commented: at least someone gets it +1