actully hv some problem in creating an assigment in my college
assigment is about to draw a flow chart of online shooping
frist to show the avaliable online shopping things
then about shopping cart
and at last calculation of all the bill
:( i m vry much helpless

First of all, please replace the broken keyboard you're using - it seems to be missing some vowels (reasonably proper spelling using full words, full sentences works best here)

Second, this is a C++ forum, where we focus on actual code. Your assignment appears to be just the design aspect (flowchart), which might be better addressed in the Computer Science forum

That said, you need to approach the problem in a systematic way. Start by listing what information you have and what you're supposed to do with it.

Break the problem down into smaller and more refined "chunks", till you can state the actions that occur in a chunk with fairly simple but concrete statements.

When all else fails, try reading the appropriate section of your college text. ;)