i need help on setting the timer control to close an animated form within a specific period of time.

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Close a Form ? or Before close the Form Animate it then Close?

Set the timer interval to however long you want it to wait until it closes, Start the timer in whatever triggers the form, and In the timer's code Form.Close()

Yeah, you have to set the timer interval to however long you want it to wait. it's in milliseconds so 1000 would be 1 second.

Now in your code, put timer.start in the appropriate procedure. This will start counting.

The Tick Event is when the timer hits the specified interval. So in this procedure you will close your form.

hope this helps.

I mean set the timer to .....say 5 seconds and close the form after the 5 secods is exhausted. that's what i mean.

> Set the Timer interval 5000
> In Timer.Tick Event, Close the Form

I think you want to animate the form while closing .

If so Start the Timer while form closing.

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