I have a web application that connects to a webservice. Usually I can step through the webservice and my start page loads up just fine. But starting yesterday this was not the case. Now I am getting the message "Unable to connect to the remote server." As an inner exception I get "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it”. If I change the webservice to the one we have on our development server then it runs just fine, but I cant run it locally on my machine without getting this error.

Any ideas? I have run out of things to try!


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Do you have windows firewall turned on?


No, my Windows Firewall is not turned on. Any other things I should check???


You are hitting a local port, most likely assigned by visual studio.

Are you sure you have the webservice launched on that port? If you are running a client app, hitting that url, i don't think you have the webservice deployed or running.

Do you have remote debugging turned on over on the web service server? Also, you need to attach the remote debugger in visual studio before stepping into the web service. This is only in the event that the web service is on a different server than your development machine...

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