hi..im new here and i am having trouble with my program..using DOS-based C++, i have to create a program that will use a mouse pointer but unfortunately i don't know how to create one because that is beyond our topic..so if anyone could help me..please give me the code and email it to me as soon as possible..thanks alot..ill be looking forward to your responses..by the way, i need it before the week ends..thanks a lot... :cheesy:

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In the future, please choose a more descriptive title for your threads. "urgent..i need help.." tells us nothing of what your problem is.

Further, claiming your thread is "urgent" is rude. It implies you deserve more attention than other members who have posted before you, which is wrong-- we try to prioritize issues here based on how old the issue is, not by how "urgent" the member thinks their issue is.

Welcome to Daniweb, and I hope this advice helps you here.

also: asking for private help in a public forum is rude. Help is given so everyone can benefit from it, that means we're not going to send you an answer as an email.

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