Howdy guys, I would like to know weather it's possible to add html links within a listbox ? I have had a quick play around and yes i can insert the link as static html link ("") but not clickable. Or if so use the tooltip to some how launch it. Basiccallly......what i need to do is display a listbox of items (filenames) then once the user clicks that item is the to search array(or another listbox2 with the paths stored) of it's and match the file path by the name in the selected text box. Or once the user has chosen the filename in the top listbox then run by path stored in the 2nd Hidden listbox(contains the items path).

So i have tried to method onclick startprocess(listbox2.selectedindex=listbox1.selectedindex) to no end....Help would be great...Cheers

You could check in the onlinck of the listbox if the item is marked as "HTML LINK" or such and then run the link if it is?

Yes but how to reference back to the file path...I have to options wrtite the file paths into list box 2 and the filenames if listbox1(which is the one the user sees) now when the user clicks the filename i want it to launch liek explorer.. now i have this working by for pretty niss i don't want to show th full pathnames in the list box so when i select filename i need it to launch the string relevant to the filename in the listbox2

ex. filename click


Create a class, the "tostring" of the class to be the link you want in the listbox, other options to include maybe the full link to the item etc, then in the onlick get your selected item, and use the full link