I m getting error msg "report width is larger than paper width" when i want to display abt 40 fields on DataReport in VB. Is anybody have solution pls write me

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have you try changing your paper size to accomodate all 40 fields?

how can i change paper size

you have to show report in landscape mode. for this purpose download pageset.dll file or vbsp5 or 6.
manpreet singh dhillon hoshiarpur

You have to change report show property to landscape mode which u can do from here :
click start goto control panel menu then click Printers and faxes if you had installed the printer in your computer than there is a symbol of printer, right click on that symbol click Printing Preferences, Printing Preferences dialog box will open
change orientation property to landscape. click Apply then ok.
I think now your problem will get solved


if you are writing a programe to be used by somebody then you have to change orientation programmitically. if you are useing vb6 then you have two alternatives out. one is to get pageset.dll and other is to download vb6 sp5. i have both of them.
if you tell me how to send them then i can help you.
manpreet singh dhilon hoshiarpur

How many fields are you displaying in a single row???? try and set left and right margins accordingly....keep left margin 0 and right margin 10...try it...

If it does not work....then you have to change your orientation.....can i have a look at your report....please post the code.



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