i i am new to java and i have the thearotical knowledge of j2ee. i have experience in asp and php. but now i want to learn j2ee and persue my caree in j2ee platform. thats y i want to do som mini project based on swings and applet,jsp,xml and database driven.any body help me showing the example of the project based on swing,jsp ext. so that i can plan my self and do my own project.i hope you people help me.

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Firstly, what kind of project where you thinking off?

any kind which includes swings,applet,jsp. i ma trying one shopping cart as of now.as of now i am not facing any problem. but still i want to do someething difficult and challenging. if you show some of the example i may get idea what i can do.

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There's lots of swing and applet examples on the net ...

And you should really learn something about technologies before just heaping a ton of acronyms and buzzwords together and decide that's what you're going to use.

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