well wishes to all

i have written the code for to create to-do list in java swings with mysql

i hereby attached my code to you for reference

Req: Taskno(set as primary key), Task Name, Task GroupName, TaskPriority(high, low and medium which is mentioned in combo box), task status( ongoing, completed, planned), task start date( in date), end date(date), task result)

for these req: i want to add, delete, search , view (in MYSQL)

but here the code is not properly run

can anyone find out the errors in the code and guide me to complete the code


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Where do you get the errors? (at which lines)
Post part of the code where you get the error, with the error message

Man another *%$#@&* thread on mysql & swing created by kevinpeterson22,
what the hell is your problem ?
When some responds to any of your threads you just do not reply back.
Do you think just cause you are making thread after thread on the same topic some one is going to do your work for you ???

Three threads (Now merged to one by the moderator):-

And you refuse to provide any information on the errors you are encountering.
Basically I am begining to think you just picked up that code from the internet (or some kind soul lend it to you) and you want us to fix it for you.

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Just guessing, coz you don't provide the line where the error occured.
Try delete the

throw new UnsupportedOperationException("Not yet implemented");

from your



Tell me if it's working.
Just suggestion, why don't you use


instead of


for cleaner code, and try-finally block when you dealing with open-close database connection ..

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