guys, what do you think is the best compiler for beginners in C++?
actually we are asked to make a game in C++. we are now using Dev C++, but we can't find a graphics library in it.


Sure it does, you just need to add it.

Tools->Package manager
Then locate "Simple DirectMedia Layer"
Install and enjoy.

i didn't find any "simple directmedia layer" in there. am i supposed to get it from somewhere?

Google "mingw sdl" and take a look through the first few links.

If you haven't already, make sure to upgrade to the latest version of MinGW (Dev-C++ comes with a pretty old one).

Good luck!

commented: Yes, I'e been bitten in the ass with ol' Mingw so many times @_@ +4

I would use OpenGL. It available for any platform and any compiler you choose.

Try Ultimate++ RAD suite (a very goos IDE TheIDE bundled with MinGW compiler). It's integrated with SDL game graphic library (download it separately), examples included.

commented: Just installed it.... presents the most readable C++ code I've ever seen. +4
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