Hello friends did anybody have implemented the ant based clustering algorithm in C.If so can u pls pass me on the coding.It would of great help to me.

HAHA what is Ant Clustering algorithm. Never heard of it before. But any way, no one is gonna give you the code unfortunately. People are here to help but not to pass on the code. Have you go any work on this algorithm that you on done? Post them here.


hehe cheers ArkM :)


remember , sharing is caring ! nice job arkm

Any body have the C program For Cluster server? if any one have then plz passed dis to me. i really need it for assignment

This is a 4 year old thread, so don't post your request here - start a new thread (don't be shy).

Also, we don't "pass code", we help you fix yours, if you have a problem.

Finally, you have to specifiy WHAT C program for a cluster server, you want? There are Linux distro's designed to work with clusters - why not Google that, and read up. You won't do anything nearly as good as they have, for a cluster operating system.

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