Hi lads (and ladettes)

I have to create a mobile application that gathers user input, saves it to a document so that it can then be emailed back to HeadQuarters.

Im new to this area ... although I have used the StreamWriter/StreamReader classes to create a new TextFile and save data to it and read from it. However, I cant seem to grasp this approach on a mobile application.

So, I have numerous forms with multiple textboxes for user input. What I want to do is collect all the data entered by the user and Write it to a text file ... but within the emulator I cant suss out where/how the file would save to so that could check it to verify that the data actually did save to it.

Has anyone got any suggestions? They would be greatly appreciated.

I considered adding the data to a database and then calling the content and constructing an email using the new data.. however it seems to be too advanced for the needs of my application (I think)

OK - I've got the Form1 to create a new file and add data to it when a button is clicked.

I would like to add/append data from Form2 and Form3 etc to the file created on Form1.

I have tried using an instance of the Form1 so that I could access the path string and the streamwriter.... but not having much luck

please try to help to point me in the right direction

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