i have made a sstab with three tabs... i want to know that if i hv to assign different funtions like only one tab should be active for one user at a time where as the other should be disabled... please help soon... very urgent

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Hi there,
To disable tabs in an SSTAB you simply make the following call

SSTab1.TabEnabled(index) = False

Where index equals the number of the tab you want disabled. In your case that would be 0,1 or 2. Just call it for each tab you want disabled. For instance, if you wanted the second and third tabs disabled you would go....

SSTab1.TabEnabled(1) = False
SSTab1.TabEnabled(2) = False

If you had an SSTab with 10 tabs and you wanted the last nine disabled, you could go....

For x = 1 to 9
SSTab1.TabEnabled(x) = False
Next x

To re-activate them just call

SSTab1.TabEnabled(index) = True

I hope this helps,

Gary O'Connor.

thanks a lot! worked perfect!....

Hi there,
I'm glad I could help.

Gary O'Connor.

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