I'd like to be able to play an mp3 file in a an application in one of my Load procedures.
I just need the syntax for playing the file.



Ok so I figured it out.

But something I can't figure out is how I can loop the audio file over and over until a condition is met.

My code is:

Dim DONDTheme As String = "C:\DOND\bin\Debug\dond.wav"


This is in my load procedure so basically, when the song stops, i'd like it to start up again until a button is pressed.

Dim DONDTheme As String = "C:\DOND\bin\Debug\dond.wav"
My.Computer.Audio.Play(DONDTheme,  AudioPlayMode.BackgroundLoop)

And call My.Computer.Audio.Stop() to stop looping.

alternative, you use WindowsMediaPlayer to play media file.

alternative, you use WindowsMediaPlayer to play media file.

In my opinion adding a reference to COM-object would be an overkill if Lee only wants to play a simple background audio.

yeah thanks JX but i'm gonna go with the simple parameter that loops it for me.

thanks for your help teme.

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