Hi -

Please help me with the following. I have to a parse a log file and here is the part of the log file which is occurs repetitively.

[Text1] [Text2] [Text3] [Text4] [Text5] [Text6] [Text7] [

===== PATTERN1 =======

Text8_line1: value1

Text8_line2: value2

Text8_line3: value3

Text8_line4: value4




Text8_linen: valuen

===== PATTERN1 =======


So basically I want to copy the text (i.e. Text1,Text2, ...... Text8) into different array or scalar variable for further processing. The brackets ([ and ]) for Text 8 are in different lines.

Please help me with this.



I'm not sure if I understand exactely what you need to do...But This may help.

open(LOG, "path/to/logfile.log")|| die "Error: $!";
my @text; 

push(@text, $1);

This guy posted on a number of forums and already has a solution, he will not be coming back here to read your response.

:icon_smile: nice catch Kevin

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