it's my first time here and i hope somebody will help me solve my problem about my project...i have a project about payroll system using c# that provides web user clock in and clock out(minimum working hours-8hrs, it will detect if its overtime) , generate time worked, generate payroll slips, generate deductions for taxes....this is our final project...i don't know where to start...huhuhuhu T_T can somebody help me?????pleasssssse....??????

I'm not totally sure what you're asking but ...

I would start by mapping out what you want the system to do and breaking it out into manageable chunks.

If it helps then write out pseudocode or do a flowchart. After that then start picking the pieces that are easiest to you and that will help you build some confidence. Once you get stuck then post what code you have and maybe we can help. (I'm assuming since it's your final project that you can code somewhat . . .)

as Rapture says the first thing is to write down all the things you need, put them in groups and order them and then using the skills you must have been taught so far (or it wouldnt be a final project) try and work out some classes and code.

I worked on a simmilar project about a year ago .. i can tell you some pointers... the code was in vb6 the main problems where with interval a person could sign-in and sign-out, our solution was a ticket machine but the problems remains you need to allow a interval of rounding time , let's say the man gets to work at 8:46 and he sign's in do you mark it as overtime ? or let's say he get's at work around 9:10 he's 10 minute late, you cut a half an hour from his paycheck or you let 15 min after 9 slide ? so the computer round's it back to 9:00 .. ?.. this is the major problem ...
also another thing was unusuall request from clients , one i remember had a 28 hour week, so make sure you think about all this stuff.. shift's and working hours for a single day.. it's a very big project for a final, :) ..