:sad: hi friends
my name is A.Siddhartha currently iam pursuing my masters in information technology and i have to do project in C++ as iam very new to information technology as my background is chemistry so iam having problem in doing this project. so pls help me how to do this project as iam giving below the specifications of the project.
Using structures, classes and header files, structural and sequential data files design, implement and execute a payroll.

The output must be in the form of salary slips for the employees which include the employeeno, employee name, basic rate, basic hours, hours worked, overtime rate (1.25 of basic rate). Income tax stopped, which is levied at 23% of gross pay less National Insurance contribution, which is 5% of gross pay and the net pay.

You will design a suitable file structure to maintain the constant data and suitable files for the input of the weekly data. You will output the following:
a. the salary slips,
b. the individually employee named income tax and national insurance stoppages,
c. your test data must cover all of the requirements of the payroll and consist of not less than ten employee records

Since you're doing a masters in CS you'd better start learning to do your own work rather than have others do it for you.

I know you're probably planning to go into management and never code again after you get your degree, instead placing impossible deadlines on us who do do the coding, but at least if you have done it you'll know a bit of what the people you're supposed to be leading are doing which might make you appreciate us somewhat as intelligent human being rather than glorified typewriter monkeys.