Please I'm trying to create a sales management software and am experiencing problems trying to create a table like we have on spreadsheets for enterring sales data.I'm using the Win32 API.Could any one give me an idea on how to implement this ?


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You can use text edits for doing that but it might be a bit boring having to make use of so many #define s.

Then again try google for source of some sales management software and check it out.

Also look into MFC, it provides a lot of things to make using the windows API simple, as long as you are not going for any graphics/cpu intensive stuff.


Have them enter data in a real spreadsheet and export it to a text file?

Building a spreadsheet-like interface isn't easy; there are VC products that give you the code for this, I think, for a price.


Building a spreadsheet-like interface isn't easy

Of course it's easy.
Use one of the native OCX controls or simply embed Excel in a window.

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